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Cilla Vee Life Arts
APRIL 2016
Plus GoFundMe campaign - Art Skool in Berlin!

Dear friends,

Yes – it’s that time of year again! … April is my birthday month, so I have chosen it for fundraiser time.
For those not familiar, this is how the $1 goes …

As there are hundreds of lovely people from all over the world on the Cilla Vee Life Arts mailing list, the theory is that if everyone donates just ONE DOLLAR, then it’s nothing from each individual’s pocket – yet a fantastic fundraiser for CVLA!

All you need to do is …
1. Put a $1 bill in an envelope (a little personal note to sat “hi” would also be so nice!)
2. Mail it to:
Cilla Vee Life Arts one-dollar fundraiser
Claire Elizabeth Barratt
65 Coleman Ave,
Asheville NC 28801

For any wonderful, kind, generous souls who wish to donate $5 or more, it would be safer to mail a cheque – please make it out to Claire E Barratt.
You can also go to the CVLA website and click on the donate button there.
Click on this link for CVLA homepage:

I am also running a GoFundMe campaign - “Art Skool in Berlin!” to raise travel and accommodation expenses for my MFA GRADUATION with the Transart Institute in Berlin this summer.
Click on this link for more information:


I am currently finding a way to incorporate all Cilla Vee Life Arts projects into my MFA thesis project! This is achieved through the RAW-(Material) project.
The RAW-(Material) project explores how the raw materials of the self & of nature & the environment can be used as mediums with which to create art.
Click here for a fun example of this with Hay Bales in the Nottinghamshire countryside:

April 23rd – CVLA presents RAW-(Material): Earthday at Interlude Asheville.

Interlude is a whole series of events & happenings taking place around downtown Asheville NC during the month of April. It is produced by Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center, in collaboration with MAP (Media Arts Project)
Click here for the Interlude website:

RAW-(Material): Earthday is a durational performance installation from 12 noon til 12 midnight. Nature’s springtime will be gathered from the Western North Carolina mountains & arranged to create a living environment at Henco Gallery – where performers will respond & interact with movement, sound & word.
Click here for more information about this event:

May 14th & 15thRAW-(Material) (Final MFA Project) at Weaverville Yoga.

Weaverville Yoga studio (where I teach Ballet) will generously be hosting my final MFA project presentation in May. The weekend will include a dance & music performance, a movement workshop, a video screening and a multi-media art installation.
Click on this link or the Weaverville Yoga website:

Circle Modern Dance    

CMD in Knoxville TN is a company I was part of founding & directing when I first moved to the USA in the early 90s. It is still going strong & currently celebrating its 25th Anniversary year! As part of the anniversary celebrations, the founders are being invited back as guest artists. In December I performed in their annual winter production Modern Dance Primitive Light & earlier in March this year I spent a weekend with the company teaching “Living Art” workshops and creating a structure on which they will develop a performance piece.
The core company members will present the final piece for their big fundraiser on May 19th.
Click here for the CMD website:
Click here to see one of the solo RAW-(Material) pieces from the MDPL show:

workshop with Circle Modern Dance

Deal Island – John Cage Memorial Park residency

This February was spent in blissful solitude on Deal Island – Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I had a month-long residency at the John Cage Memorial Park in Chance MD – which is owned by the fabulous Gladdens – Tara & David, who both work at Salisbury University and are greatly instrumental in creating a contemporary avant garde art & performance scene in their community.
There, I continued to work on the RAW-(Material) project in response to the Chesapeake Bay environment in mid-winter.


I also had the opportunity to collaborate with Tara & David in a multi-media performance at their album (yes vinyl!) release party “Transmissions”.

For this performance, I was able to use some studio studies I had been exploring on the subject of Hands.
Click on this link to see these studio Hand meditations:

And click on this link for an example of how they were used via live-feed video in performance:


me (up on stage) with Audrey Chen, I'd m Theftable, Christos Koulendros, Michael Peters

Oh what would we do without XFEST?
This creative chaos of a festival has been going for eight years now! Walter Wright of Gallery 119 started the festival in Lowell MA in rebellion against the local annual folk festival. For the past three years, Holyoke MA has hosted XFEST.
Every year in the brutal New England winter, a multitude (2016 saw 80) of musicians, dancers and video projection artists invade the place and perform a series of improvised collaborations – you just never know what’s going to happen … especially with the crazy characters involved! FUN!

Happy Appalachian Spring from Asheville!


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