Thursday, May 24, 2012


Cilla Vee Life Arts


Dear Friends,

2012 is already almost halfway through – it’s hard to believe how quickly time is passing!


The past year has been quite a varied one.
May ‘til October 2011 were spent in the UK – although the stay there was mainly for personal reasons (i.e. Feeling the need to re-establish myself as a Brit!) there were also a number of professional projects.

In June I had the honor of representing Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center at “To Open Eyes” – a BMC conference held at Sussex University in Brighton, where I gave a presentation on the current happenings of “Black Mountain College NOW” – As well as presenting the keynote performance “Dome Poems” – a project by poet Lee Ann Brown in collaboration with film-maker Tony Torn.
This was performed at the conference with Brighton musician Paul Morgan.
Lee Ann & Tony sent the film files from NY to Sussex Uni, where Paul & I viewed the work, then improvised sound & movement in live performance, interacting with surrounding multiple projections of the film.
… We had approximately five hours in which to execute the whole process & it all came together very nicely.

In October, my partner (audio-visual artist David Linton) came over from NY to tour & travel in Europe with me. We had a number of informal performances in Paris, Prague & Berlin.

On returning to the states, I spent six weeks in NYC assisting David for his artist residency at AIR in “The Clocktower”, Lower Manhattan.
Here, he created a video installation entitled the “Cortical Deguasser” using the flicker effect to trigger optical & brain activity into producing colors & patterns – pretty amazing stuff!
We collaborated on an accompanying installation of objects & books “Time On Its Side” displayed in the entrance.
(Apparently this received some celebrity attention, as we were informed that Michael Stipe spent some considerable time viewing the piece … it also ended up in Lee Ranaldo’s new “Off The Wall” video! - )

For more information about AIR – visit:


It’s been a busy Spring for CVLA in Asheville NC.
The Asheville Area Arts Council recently appointed a new director – Kitty Love, who is bringing it a wonderful fresh burst of energy. Her vision includes presenting regular performing arts events at the council gallery space “The Artery”.  To develop public awareness of this, AAAC & CVLA co-produced a series of events held in conjunction with the annual regional Creative Sector Summit in March.

AAAC agreed to host the launch of CVLA’s new “Mountain To Sky Artist Exchange” program – whose mission is: “To foster the exchange of unique artistic talent in the contemporary and experimental arts communities between the mountains of North Carolina and the city of New York.”
… Our inaugural NY guest artist was David Linton – who presented an audio-visual workshop & performance, as well as collaborating with CVLA on our epic multi-media experience KOLORZ.

MOTION SCULPTURE (hits Asheville!)
After developing Motion Sculpture movement & forming a group of dancers to perform in NYC since 2002, I had been wanting to begin the Motion Sculpture project in Asheville – but was waiting for the appropriate time & place. With the support of the AAAC, I have been able to start an Asheville Motion Sculpture group.
KOLORZ was the culminating performance event for our first Motion Sculpture movement workshop series (held at The Artery)
It was a continuous six-hour multi-media performance installation including audio-visual media, music & movement.
David worked with a group of select Asheville musicians to create live sound-trigged visual media.
A set was created by the use of long streams of color fabric, which the dancers manipulated to create shifting landscapes of colors & form.
All these elements were combined to create the complete installation.
During the six-hour event, audience members were free to arrive & leave at any time.

For more information about the AAAC – visit:

This years annual {Re}Happening event on the old Black Mountain College campus was a huge extravaganza with well over sixty artists involved.
CVLA presented an absurdist, site-specific, physical theatre installation on the tennis courts entitled “L’Oeuf”.  This was a satirical, humorous piece that involved slow-motion tennis, performers tied to ropes, gin & tonics & eggs!
Again – the piece was presented as a continuous long-duration installation which evolved & devolved throughout a five-hour period.
I had a wonderful group of performers from Roanoke VA to work with. Evidently, there is quite an interesting little arts scene there.

For more information about {Re}Happening – visit:

And last … but by no means least … It’s time for the annual ONE DOLLAR FUNDRAISER!
This usually takes place throughout the month of April – however, this year March & April has been a peak production time, so we are starting the fundraiser in May & continuing through June.
For those not familiar – just put a $1 bill in an envelope & mail to:

Claire Elizabeth Barratt
Cilla Vee Life Arts – Fundraiser
65, Coleman Ave
Asheville NC 28801

If donating more than $5 – or donating in currency other than USA $ - please donate through the PAYPAL button on the homepage of the CVLA website:

This year’s fundraiser will go towards furthering the Mountain To Sky Artist Exchange program.

Thank you for your continuing interest & support of Cilla Vee Life Arts

Best wishes

Claire Elizabeth Barratt


Time On its Side – David Linton & Claire E Barratt

KOLORZ - Claire E Barratt (director, dancer) David Linton (audio-visual)
Musicians: John Brinker, Liz Lang, Chandra Shukla, Elisa Faires
Dancers: Kathleen Hahn, Sara Baird, Amy Borskey, Coco Palmer, Christine Maiello, Anita Frykberg, Amanda Sewell

L’Oeuf - Claire E Barratt, Ralph Eaton, Warren Fry, Olchar Lindsann, Aaron Bensen & Andrew Caudill, Liza Deck, Jessi Naff, Nenden Stillman, Amanda Woods of City Modern Ensemble.