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Dear Friends,

Greetings & seasonal salutations to all!

This letter serves to update you on all the happenings of the past year & announce new endeavors.

Transart Institute – MFA 

You may recall that I am a student again!
I have just completed my first semester with the Transart Institute low-residency MFA program.
During the summer I attended the TI Summer Residency at Uferstudios in Berlin. This intensive three-week program consisted of morning til night lectures, workshops, presentations, gallery exhibitions & other special events – quite a whirlwind!
Highlights of the residency for me were to study with performance art legend Linda Montano & also to present a solo movement installation “Creeper” as part of a TI student exhibition at Somos Gallery in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Neukolin.

My MFA project is to create a method for teaching Performance Art – the thesis title is: “The Process and Praxis of Constructing the Self as Medium” (a practical pedagogy for the practice of performance art) 
So I have been trying out my methods on some willing “guinea-pig” students here in Asheville – heartfelt “thank-yous” to Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre & to the Asheville Butoh collective.

Next on the horizon is the TI Winter Residency at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York City this January.
For more information about the Transart Institute, visit:

"Creeper" at Somos Gallery
"Creeper" at Somos Gallery

The MTA 

A lot has been happening this year at The Mission For Temporal Art in lil’ ole Marshall NC.
The most significant exhibition this year was the Luminous Surface show – an installation of over twenty audio-visual works by artists from up & down the continental North American East coast. This opened on the Summer Solstice weekend with an all night Ambient Solstice music event followed the next day by an eclectic Acoustic Solstice mix of music, poetry & dance.

an odd panorama at the MTA

This season we have hosted many regional artists: an Autumn Equinox installation & performance ritual by Lynn Nesseth, sound installations by Richard Brewster & Mary Zogzas, a recording session with Tashi Dorji, a recording residency & concert with Meg Mulhearn & Elisa Faires, an all-night Halloween film festival curated by Mark Hosler &  interactive maze drawings by Morgan Santander.
Please see our blog for all events:

HawkEye the kitty
The Mission For Temporal Art

And … 

Other noteworthy events since the summer include:

Salisbury MD
My partner, David Linton, & I were invited to Salisbury MD on the Delmarva Peninsula in September. Our good friends & fellow artists David & Tara Gladden are both faculty at Salisbury University, which runs two galleries in the downtown arts district. Through a community grant, we were recruited as guest artists – I taught a Motion Sculpture movement workshop that culminated in a public intervention performance for the Third Friday downtown art walk - “Attack of the Killer Stripey Tubes!”  David & I also performed an audio-visual collaboration later that evening.
The Gladdens are greatly instrumental in creating a very cool & interesting art scene there.
For more information on our Salisbury events:

"Attack of the Killer Stripey Tubes!"

Stripey Tubes on the loose!
in the streets of Salisbury

This Japanese word summarizing the concept “things are not what they seem” was the title for Legacy Butoh / Anemone Dance Theater’s Art In The Park event in October. Sponsored by the Asheville Area Arts Council & the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center, the event utilized one of Asheville’s historic neighborhood parks, Grove Park, by presenting three Butoh Dance pieces, each in a different area of the park.
My role was that of the MC. To lead the audience through the event, I embodied the playful character of Uwabe.


with musical assistant wabi-sabi

Two performances in New York during the first week of December. 

Opaque Body 
David & I performed our audio-visual performance collaboration at The Outpost Artist Resources as part of his “distENDed cinema” series. This event was entitled “The Opaque Body” & included seven audio-visual artists who were invited to present work on this theme.
For more information, here is the Facebook link: 
& here is the video link for our performance:

from "Opaque Body"

I was also part of a multi-media collaboration presented at Phil Niblock’s Experimental Intermedia. The piece was entitled “Nocrem” & originated as a music score by Al Margolis. Last February at X-Fest in MA, Al - together with video artist Katherine Liberovskaya, movement artist Joe Burgio & myself – performed an improvisation together using some of this score. The result was successful enough to cause us to want to develop the collaboration into a piece, so this event was a great opportunity for us to do that.
Here is a segment of the piece: 

Coming Up 

This winter I will continue in my academic endeavors.
The Transart Institute Winter Residency is January 12 – 16 in NYC.
I will also be spending January & February beginning my research paper in an artist retreat at Chance House / John Cage Memorial Park, Deal Island, MD. This is an artist residency founded by David & Tara Gladden.
I’m very much looking forward to being able to work in peace & quiet with no distractions! I also plan to use this valuable opportunity to reconnect with my vocal & cello practice.
For more information about the John Cage Memorial Park, visit: 
And Chance House:

John Cage Memorial Park
Chance House


Deal Island


I am currently fundraising to cover expenses associated with the three up-coming 2015 residencies:
Transart Institute Winter Residency, NYC
Chance House / John Cage Memorial Park retreat/residency, MD
Transart Institute Summer Residency, Berlin 

Please visit my fundraiser at GoFundMe:

Thank you so much & warm wishes to you through the cold winter. 


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