Friday, April 11, 2014

Cilla Vee Life Arts - One Dollar Fundraiser - 2014

Cilla Vee Life Arts annual ONE DOLLAR FUNDRAISER – 2014

Last year’s THANK YOUS go out to:

David & Janet Barratt

Lynn Bernatsky

Richard & Diana Brewster

Patricia Cazorla / Galeria Galou

Jessica Clark 

Andrew Raffo Dewar

Elisa Faires

Tony Gonzales

Harlan Gruber

Patricia Jamie

Matthew Jamie

Steve Lansford

Clifford McPeek

Thomas Murphy

Sarah Pope & Jeremy Lintz

Myk Rushton

Joe Sherman

Alice Sebrell

Gary & Emma Watt  

Robert & Arlene Winkler

Please let me know if any names were missed.
Many of you contributed more than a dollar – there was even a buried treasure map!

Last year’s fundraiser went towards the work spent on editing & up-loading the majority of the Cilla Vee Life Arts archives into an accessible on-line format. This can now all be viewed through my blog-site: 

$1 Fundraiser donations will go towards preparations for an MFA program I will be starting this Summer with the Transart Institute.
I feel it is important to now incorporate an expanded educational focus into the vocation of Cilla Vee Life Arts as an arts organization & also for myself as an artist & teacher.
My designed course of research will be: 
“The Process and Praxis of Constructing the Self as Medium” - a practical pedagogy for the practice of Performance Art

More information about the program can be found in the CVLA newsletter here: 

 $1 bills can be sent by mail to:
Claire E Barratt
Cilla Vee Life Arts
65, Coleman Ave
Asheville NC 28801

or Paypal donations can be made via the CVLA website homepage - just click on the Paypal button:

Thank you so much for your continuing support,

Claire Elizabeth Barratt 
Director – Cilla Vee Life Arts

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