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REPORT 2020 - A Year of Pandemic Performance

An extra eye! ... Asheville Fringe Festival "Follows No Rules" award. Photo: CEB Selfie

Cilla Vee Life Arts – REPORT 2020


A Year of Pandemic Performance






Thank you for tuning into this year’s Cilla Vee Life Arts report.


January 2020 began with quite a bang!


From "RARARA dadada" at the Asheville Fringe Festival. Photo by Jennifer Bennett


Asheville Fringe Festival


By far the largest number of artists participating in a single CVLA performance to date (34) and in probably the most crowded venue.

“RARARA dadada” was a 3-hour minefield of spontaneous artistic occurrences! Held at the Sly Grog Lounge as part of the Asheville Fringe Festival, it featured a myriad of Asheville’s finest performance and sound artists – plus guests from Roanoke Virginia’s Marginal Arts scene.

AND … we won the AFF “Follows No Rules” award! 


RARARA dadada PHOTOS– Flickr link:





The previous weekend, Cilla Vee made an appearance at another well-attended happening – Swannatopia. This was an enterprising pop-up gallery group show produced by Glowspace Arts. It was held in an old 1940s grocery store space in Swannanoa, NC. The (loose) theme was ‘texting’ and I created an interactive performance installation “I Sent You a Text! … did you get it?” wherein those were the only words out of my mouth for the whole 2 hours.


I Sent You a TextVIDEO – YouTube link:

(Video capture by Jeff Davis)





After the mayhem and cacophony of these two packed venues, the sense of community a heaving mass, walls bulging at the seams …

pandemic lockdown was a startling and cruel contrast.


Gone … was a whole season of bookings:

The Asheville Art Museum Gala, the New Dance Festival at the BeBe Theatre, the Black Mountain College Museum’s {Re} Happening on Lake Eden, a summer tour – North East USA and Canada, The Watermill Center.



Okay, well fine … Actually there’s plenty of other things to be getting on with. Building an improved administrative infrastructure with our new assistant Chloe, working on house renovations for the new community art center …



"VIGIL: Prayers of Healing for the Living and the Dead" - From final performance. Photo by Fred Hatt



Enliven NYC


And then …

Late June – suddenly …

All systems GO – one week to prepare – an Enliven NYC grant award funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts. A month-long residency through July at Chashama’s Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront gallery.


"VIGIL - Day 6 Handwashing" This picture shows a nice reflection from the window of the park and chance audience members! Photo by Robyn Thomas


When the people can’t go to see performing arts because venues are shut down, how do you SAFELY bring performing arts to the people?

Through a storefront window – that’s how!


"VIGIL: Prayers of Healing for the Living and the Dead" From final performance. Photo by Juliette Buffard Scalabre



Enliven NYC sponsored seven artists throughout the summer of 2020 to present performative installations in different storefront spaces around New York City.


"VIGIL - Day 9 Touch". Photo by Fred Hatt



Mine was a 30-day VIGIL “Prayers of Healing for the Living and the Dead”

I have created a day-by-day report of this incredibly intense time that I would like to share with you:


VIGIL REPORT –site link:



Virtually There


But alas … “no rest for the weary” (or “the wicked” – whichever version of the saying you prefer)


Immediately following the final VIGIL performance – an all night de-install, hit the road home by morning, car breaks down in Maryland, tow truck the rest of the way back to Asheville …

Back in time to get on-line for the Sacred Dance Guild festival ‘Virtually There’ via Zoom, where I had my first virtual workshop facilitation experience. “Wondering Hands” – a motion sculpture movement meditation on the hands while exploring the Zoom ‘box’ as a spatial medium.

(I was also given the great honor of being the Sacred Dance Guild featured member of the month)


"Wondering Hands" Zoom workshop for the Sacred Dance Guild Festival.


Sacred DanceGuild – 2020 Festival page link:



Collaborations and Virtual Possibilities


Throughout this pandemic year, artists and creatives have continuously sought ways to push through the barriers of lockdown. They have utilized virtual platforms to the utmost potential, created new recording projects or held outdoor, covid-precautious events.


"Muddying The Waters" with Billy Zanski and Linda Go at Asheville Art Museum. Video still



The Asheville Art Museum Gala was finally possible via livestream and a beautiful collaboration developed between Cilla Vee and sound healing artists Billy Zanski and Linda Go in response to the museum’s “Muddying The Waters” clay exhibit. 


Muddying TheWaters VIDEO – Youtube link: 




Cilla Vee performed in the persona “Go Go Dancer” for the band ‘Peacock Party’ at the French Broad Outfitters outdoor concert series on Hominy Creek – Asheville, NC.


Peacock Party VIDEO– Youtube link:


A video of Cilla Vee by Fred Hatt (“VIGIL: Day 22 – Red”) was included in ‘The (Not So) Short Film Festival’ – a compilation of works by Transart Institute faculty and alumni curated by Jean Marie Casbarian. (Currently hosted by Ely Center for Contemporary Art)


The (Not So)Short Film Festival – Ely Center website page link:

"VIGIL - Day 22 RED" Video in 'The (Not So) Short Film Festival. Photo by Fred Hatt


I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some of my closest and dearest on a number of video projects:


The ‘Asphalt Drawing Series’ is a project of Colombian artist Martha Skinner. She creates these fascinating birds-eye-view, time-lapse videos – while at the same time causing a public street performance intervention.

I joined her in creating one of these this autumn in downtown Marshall, NC.


Working on an 'Asphalt Drawing' project with Martha Skinner. Photo by Martha Skinner


Asphalt DrawingRED VIDEO – Youtube link:


(Video concept and capture by Martha Skinner. Set to music by Kimathi Moore. Such a charming piece - you must watch it!)



Asphalt DrawingRED (behind-the-scenes) VIDEO – Youtube link:


(A VERY entertaining behind-the-scenes capture by our friend Tony Torn - featuring Lee Ann Brown and a number of Marshall town residents!)


Asphalt DrawingRED PHOTOS – Flickr link:



"Past and Future" (Golden Queen section) Project with Elisa Faires. Video still


My long-time friend, musician/composer/performing artist Elisa Faires invited me to join her in some immersive video projects – on location in the Swannanoa River (with filmmaker Hannah Sommer) and also at her November/December residency in Asheville’s Revolve Gallery – where we collaborated on her project “Past and Future”.


Past and Future VIDEO– Youtube link:



 (Short video piece by Elisa Faires using some of the footage from our collaboration set to music by Ivan Seng. "Past and Future" symbolizes a psychological and spiritual journey of self-healing through archetypes, alchemy and magic.)

Past and FuturePHOTOS – Flickr link:


"Past and Future" (Lost Child section). Project with Elisa Faires. Photo by Elisa Faires



Re-Cultivating Compassion

Re-Cultivatng the tender shoots of compassion. Photo by Robyn Thomas

A new sister project of CVLA has been in the works over the past year.

Together with my RCC partner Robyn Thomas; we have metomorphosized what was to be a local Providence, RI real space/time symposium into a global, virtual, spiritual community!

‘Re-Cultivating Compassion’ is a platform for creatives addressing themes of compassion in their practice. Although still in its infancy, RCC has already garnered some truly impressive individuals and we anticipate watching this community grow and flourish in the coming months and years.


Re-CultivatingCompassion Blog site Link:

Re-CultivatingCompassion on Instagram:


Re-CultivatingCompassion on Facebook:

Kik Williams' article "Pandemic Laughter Yoga" is one of the posts you will find on the re-Cultivating Compassion site.


The Center for Connection and Collaboration


I mentioned earlier about “house renovations” and a “community center”.

My vision is to convert my humble abode in the lovely mountain town of Asheville, NC into a small, intimate venue for the purpose of creative connections.

CCC-AVL (or Triple C for short) is really a continuation of the community already established in the home by my family since 1992. Music salons, garage concerts, garden parties, devotional gatherings. My intention is to better equip the space to facilitate these events.



Work Party on the CCC front porch! Thank you Martha Skinner, Roger Munch and Andy Kelley.



… More on RCC and the CCC to come. We’ll keep you posted.





Mail Art Exhibition


$1 Mail Art from Adam Larsen. Photo by Chloe Harnett-Hargrove



And finally …


Our first ‘$1 Fundraiser Mail Art Exhibition’


CVLA Admin. Chloe Harnett-Hargrove - counting dollars and sorting through mail art.



Every spring since 2006, CVLA has been running the One Dollar Fundraiser. Occasionally contributors will enclose a creative offering – such as a poem, drawing or other art object – and mail it along with their dollar(s)

So this year we decided to make it a THING!

Our virtual ‘$1 Fundraiser Mail Art Exhibition’ can be viewed here:


CVLA $1Fundraiser Mail Art Exhibition 2020 PHOTOS – Flickr link:



("Angel of Light - on the Darkest Night". The Angel of Light holds vigil on the Winter Solstice. We would also like to thank all of our supporting Angels!)


With deep and humble gratitude, we would like to acknowledge all who supported Cilla Vee Life Arts this year – 2020:





One Dollar Fundraiser Mail Art Exhibition Artists


Greg Congleton, Knoxville TN USA

Carol Zakaluk, Bronx NY USA

Sam Attrep-Wallace, Flagstaff AZ USA

Chloe Harnett-Hargrove, Asheville NC USA

Linda Mary Montano, Saugerties NY USA

Linda Larsen, Asheville NC USA

Adam Larsen, Asheville NC USA

Coco Palmer Dolce, Asheville NC USA

Fred Hatt, Brooklyn NY USA

C. Mehrl Bennett, Columbus OH USA

Gerry & George, Almonte, ON CAN

Lynn Bernatsky, Candler NC USA

Cree McCree, New Orleans LA USA

Julie Van Ridge, Asheville NC USA

Emma Parnam, Black Mountain NC USA

Giles Collard, Asheville NC USA

Minerva Durham, New York NY USA

Donald Miller, New Orleans LA USA

Jenni Cockrell, Asheville NC USA

Kaz Kuken, Asahikawa JAP

James Bailey, Toronto ON CAN


Financial Supporters


Robin Barratt

Alan and Debbie Wood

Brenda Flanagan

John Frey (in loving memory of Kathleen Frey)

Anita Durst


Fundraiser Contributors


Pat and Paul Jamie

Roger Munch

Diana and Richard Brewster

Y Sok

Janet Robbins

Rob Wallace and Kara Attrep

Joe Burgio

Deb Pollard and Marty Kaz

John Roche

Andrea Spaziani

Russ and Lesley Howell

Marc Dale

Alisha Earo


Andrew Dewar

Laila Alamiri

Elisa Faires

Linda and Ron Larsen

Adam Larsen

Coco and Tom Palmer-Dolce

C. Mehrl and John Bennett

Emma and Nick Parnam

Susan and Giles Collard

Greg Congleton

Carol Zakaluk

Fred Hatt

Gerry & George

Lynn Bernatsky

Cree McCree and Donald Miller

Julie Van Ridge

Jenni Cockrell

Kaz Kuken

James Bailey

Minerva Durham

Linda Mary Montano


RARARA dadada Performers


Martha Skinner

Chloe Harnett-Hargrove

Janet Robbins

Andre Cholmondeley (We Are Ants To Them)

Walker Farrell

Valeria Watson


Amy (Eithne) Hamilton

Liz Lang

Elisa Faires

Chandra Shukla

Brandon Quinn

Jeff Davis

Geo Lynx

Edwin Salas

Dr. Wayne Kirby

Leslee Reiter

Madalyn Wofford

Byron Brown

Giles Collard

Emmalee Hunnicutt

Ben Hjertmann

Nina LaFerla

Sharon Cooper

Jim Julien

Mike Anderserson

Wayne Llywelyn

Wilheim Katastrof

Olchar Lindsann

Mr Thursday

Cambria Storms

(some dropped out, others dropped in – but that’s pretty much the cast!)


Enliven NYC Residency



Anita Durst

Hayley Ferber

Juliette Buffard Scalabre

Rachel Cohen

Bryn Pennetti

Fred Hatt

Kayoko Nakajima

Hisayasu Takashio

Michael Evans

Susan Hefner

Andrea Haenggi

Cheryl Eugenia

Chad Becker

Elisa Faires

Trish Faires

Chandra Shukla

Liz Lang

Robyn Thomas

Enno Fritsch

Janet Robbins

Stina Anderson

Jocelyn Reese

Judy Canestrelli

Rev. Kate Jamie

Marianne Giosa

Daniel Carter

Linda Mary Montano

Keigos Coffee



And all collaborators, contributors, supporters, work party participants and friends – including:


Asheville Art Museum

Circle Modern Dance

Sacred Dance Guild

Roger Munch

Kristen Boddy

Devon Fero

Billy Zanski (Skinny Beats)

Linda Go

Kimathi Moore

Ben Brill

Richard and Diana Brewster

Andy Kelley

Meg Mulhearn

David James Lynch

Louly Peacock

Martha Skinner

Liz Lang

Elisa Faires

Wendy Morrell

Debbie Danbrook

David Gwaltney

Robert and Carey Baldwin

Helen the cat lady



Additional extremely very special thanks to:


David Barratt (Dad)

Chloe Harnett-Hargrove

Robyn Thomas

Geo Lynx



… I do hope I haven’t missed anybody!



With much love and gratitude,




From "Asphalt Drawings" with Martha Skinner. Photo by Martha Skinner



Cilla Vee Life Arts


Claire Elizabeth Barratt – Director


Chloe Harnett-Hargrove - Administration

Thursday, April 9, 2020


Cilla Vee Life Arts – NEWSLETTER - SPRING 2020


2020 is proving to be a disastrous year so far for so many of us due to COVID-19. Our hearts go out to those seriously affected by the virus.
For Cilla Vee Life Arts a whole spring season of events has been cancelled and, at this time of writing, the prospects of our summer tour are very much up in the air.

However, this newsletter is to report the activities of 2019 – which were many and varied … so hopefully it will be entertaining for you!

Read on for information about:

Spring in the South West USA.
Teaching residency at NAU, plus other events in Flagstaff, AZ plus Santa Fe and Taos, NM

Golden Goddess North East USA tour.
NYC, Massachusetts, Maine, Philadelphia

AfterMAF festival in Roanoke, VA

Summer in Cyprus, Israel and Serbia.
X-Fest and Sesalac Butoh Retreat

Autumn Season in the South East USA.
Asheville local, Circle Modern Dance - Knoxville, TN and Surrealism in Birmingham, AL

SOUTH WEST USA – April and May

Performance: Art, Action, Life
There are some very lucky honor students at Northern Arizona University. Lucky to have such cool and radical professors as Rob Wallace and Will Cordeiro, who constructed a jam-packed full, intensive and fun course to introduce their students to Performance Art.
These are students who are not necessarily artists or performers – but got thrown in the deep end and swam pretty darn well!

I was invited to do a teaching residency for the class “Performance: Art, Action, Life.” Throughout the month, I corresponded remotely with individual students, advising them as they developed their performance projects – then at the end of the semester I spent an intensive few days with them in workshop sessions, culminating in a class performance.
The performance event was a riot! … The premise was:
Rob and Will were the “mad professors” creating Artificial Intelligence performance art robots. I was the Vanna White MC prototype “Presentia” who needed constant mechanical adjustments throughout the show.
Each student (robot) presented their creation with my crazed introductions in between. Eventually the whole thing crescendoed into total mayhem involving the on-campus food delivery robots and a meltdown wherein the professors became victims of their own creations!

Unfortunately there is not much in the way of documentation to prove all this, but this is what we’ve got … (thanx Kara Attrep, for the photos)

The Professors and "Presentia"
An NAU delivery robot in its staring role

While in Flagstaff I also enjoyed teaching a Living Art workshop at FALA – the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, to the high school students there.
And performed for the 8x8 – experimental silent film and music micro-fest. The 3rd annual festival presented by Flagstaff’s awesome Interference Series at Coconino Center for the Arts.
I was paired with the lovely Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer to provide live improvised vocal and flute sound for a film by PJ Koelbel.

Heroes of the Avant Garde
An evening in Santa Fe, having dinner, chatting, listening spellbound, exploring the studio of Woody and Steina Vasulka - together with Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton … What more can I say? … Honored!

The Sound of Movement at Ennui Gallery
may sound like an odd name for a gallery, but sure enough that’s what it’s called!
Taos is the cool, funky little mountain sister of Santa Fe – where people are nice. It was a First Friday open gallery night. I had a great time improvising with bassist Ben Wright and percussionist Peter Halter.
Montserrat Oyanedel Tolmo took some fabulous pictures!

More pix and vidz here:

Fairy Lights
Back to Asheville very briefly to gather myself for the next tour and to perform a Motion Sculpture Movement Installation “Fairy Lights” for a house party thrown by our local NPR radio show host Matt Peiken, who provides a great service highlighting regional artists.


A last minute addition, pre-Golden Goddess. Andrea Haenggi’s Spontaneous Urban Plants project at New Dance Alliance’s Performance Mix Festival.
I rolled into NYC after driving all night just in time to be a ‘Soilmate’ for this presentation at the historic Lower East Side University Settlement.
I’ve witnessed the development of Andrea’s project in various stages and it really is movement research in the truest sense of the term. Andrea has that essence of deranged genius!

Chashama Gala
Here’s where the Golden Goddess performances kick in…
Six hours of roaming Motion Sculpture Movement Installation at this huge gala event way up on one of the top floors of the One World Trade Center.
200 performers participated in this annual spectacle. Chashama is a one-of-a-kind arts organization that has access to Real Estate all over New York City – granting hundreds of artists residency, studio and performance spaces. They’ve certainly supported my work over the years.

Abandoned Bear Cages
Yes … there are indeed some haunting, dilapidated old bear cages from the post Victorian era just sitting there at a secret location in Jamaica Plain. People do secret things in there! I did a secret thing there with Stephanie Germaine, Damon Smith and Chris Strunk … and I liked it. Id M Theftable was also involved, but he did his own thing. Walter Wright and Emilie Mouchous did a thing too.
It was very dark – here’s the only picture where you can see a thing.

While These Visions …. (did appear)
This was quite magical.
In the middle of rural Maine near Portland, the grounds and a big old barn at Two Diamond Art Farm house the quirky and lyrical metal sculptures of Patrick Pierce.  Patrick and I collaborated a number of years ago at a residency and it was a joy to creatively re-connect.
For this Summer Solstice event we produced an evening of dance, music and verse with sculpture that was based on Midsummer Nights Dream. We recruited local talent to create work in response to the sculptures – then the audience was guided across the grounds from one sculpture to another to view the performances. (Performances by Esme Goldfinger, Joie Grandbois, Jennifer Bourgeault and Cilla Vee with Dei Xhrist)
We are planning to make this an annual event (although this year 2020 is still a little uncertain at the time of writing!) ... (Thanx to Kathleen Pierce, for the pix.)

Gathering the audience for "While These Visions ..."

Setting off
Esme Goldfinger at Two Dimond Art Farm

Dark Matter
A very enjoyable evening of spontaneous improvisations with Kit Demos – Bass, Junko Fujiwara – Cello and Joe Musacchia – Percussion (Cilla Vee – Movement) at Kit’s Dark Matter series at The Outpost in Cambridge ,MA.
(If I can get the video footage from JOE, I’ll post it … ahem!)

Bats From Pogo
Oh what a joy to just make some noise! How I loved this crazy trio with Bats From Pogo (Andrea Pensado and Walter Wright) at a Noise event curated by Steve Davis at UnchARTed in Lowell, MA.

The Thursday Experiment
A series run by the force known as Bonnie Kane at Gateway City Arts in Holyoke, MA.
Bonnie and I performed a duo – my Golden Goddess with her Transcendent Winds. A very satisfying meditation of movement and sound. Bonnie and I have quite a collaboration history and it feels good to have it constantly evolving.
Videos –
Thurs Exp. Set 1:
Thurs Exp. Set 2:

Jack Wright
Oh Jack Wright! … For those who know him, no more needs to be said!
Three nights with Jack.
Friday at the Newark Bike Project, Newark DE
Video - (Thanx to Robin Glanden)
Saturday at the Book and Puppet Co. Easton, PA.
Sunday at the Random Tea Room, Philadelphia, PA.

Golden Goddess Tour – a compilation of pix and vidz from all events:


Cilla Vee has been involved in the unique Marginal Arts community of Roanoke VA for a number of years now. Over the past couple of years, efforts are being made to broaden this affiliation to encompass more of the Asheville associates of CVLA.
Last year, a group of nine Asheville artists made the trip to participate in the annual AfterMAF festival at Art Rat Studios in Roanoke. Cilla Vee, Chloe Harnett-Hargrove, Julie Gillum, Geo Lynx, Ivan Seng, Kima Moore, Richard Brewster, Diana Brewster and Grayson Morris (who also lives in LA). Each of these artists presented work as well as performing in a group “AVL All Stars” collaboration.
My solo contribution this year was a series of “Random Acts of Dada” dispersed throughout the weekend. These included: a puppet show, an operatic rendition of Jim Leftwich poetry in the bathroom, a fireworks display and various spontaneous environmental interactions.

Cilla Vee video -    

AVL crew at AfterMAF 2019 – compilation of pix and vidz:


X-Fest Cyprus
Petreon Sculpture Park, just outside the village of Mazotos, Cyprus is the love child of sculptor Savva Koulendros, who quit his “day job” to devote the rest of his life to its creation. After his passing, his sons now take care of this enchanted and enchanting place. One of them, Christos, happens to be musician (as well as continuing his Father’s stone sculpture work) who spends most of his time now teaching in Lowell MA. He is a key figure in the experimental music scene there – where X-Fest has its roots at 119 Gallery.
When X-Fest Europe producer Y Sok was seeking interesting venues for the 2019 festival, Christos offered Petreon as the perfect place.
Approximately thirty artists congregated in Mazotos for the weekend from Europe and the USA. Performing with the immense stone sculptures in the balmy air under the Mediterranean stars was nothing short of idyllic.
It was a joy to collaborate with artists such as: Phil Minton, Victoria Shen, Mia Zabelka, Afroditi Psarra, Arnaud le Mindu as well as long time collaborators such as Audrey Chen, Walter Wright, Andrea Pensado and Bonnie Kane – plus Christos himself.

Festival documentation compiled by Afroditi Psarra:

Video of set with Bonnie Kane, Walter Wright and Clive Graham:

Israel was kind of an experiment. I had ten days between X-Fest Cyprus and Sesalac Butoh Retreat in Serbia. There were two places I was interested in going to that were close to Cyprus – in both of which I had contacts: Lebanon and Israel. I put feelers out in both directions and got more bites from Israel – so that’s where I went.
I did not book a big tour or take lots of touristy pictures or video document. This was an exploration for me – to investigate how to operate in and understand something of this unique culture.
I stayed in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. I had the opportunity to meet with a number of people from various backgrounds and listen to individual life stories, as well as some creative exchanges. Three of which I will report on here.
A couple of years ago I went to a local Asheville screening of the documentary film ‘Hebron’ by Palestinian filmmaker Yousef Natshawho by virtue of marriage to an American, was living in NC at that time. He and his wife work at CPT (Christian Peacemaker Teams) in Hebron. I was fortunate to be able to spend a day with them there. Hebron is a unique and very tense situation where both Arabs and Jews share heritage at the site of the tomb of Abraham. There is a border between the Israeli settlement side and the ancient Palestinian market town. Either side of the border are two separate entrances to the tomb. The day I was there was extremely quiet, as it was the Eid holiday time. I spent the day talking to people and taking in the experience.
Yad Lebanim Learning Center
While staying in the Northern region at Haifa, I visited the remote countryside spot of Ramat Yishai to teach a workshop at the Yad Lebanim Learning Center.
This set up was something new to me .. a place of learning for all generations – with classes for everyone from pre-school to seniors – wow!
Through my outreach trail, I had corresponded with musician Yiftah Kadan, who teaches music at the learning center. He reached out to a dance teacher there – Tamar Lerner, and together they arranged a community workshop for me.  I facilitated a Sound of Movement workshop for a multi-generational group of beautiful beings of all backgrounds – from professional musicians and dancers, to children to seniors.
Unfortunately I was so wrapped up in being present with them that I did not take a single picture! But here is a quote from one of the musicians, Harel Gal, who commented “You have made a space in which all the participants could feel free to explore and express themselves in a joyful way.” Another lady gave feedback that I had created a “compassionate space” – a comment I found particularly touching.
The Zimmer, Tel Aviv     
I find that, when touring, the best way to connect with as many folks from the local creative community as possible is to produce an event and invite them all to participate.
In Tel Aviv, the fabulous experimental arts venue The Zimmer was gracious enough to host such an event for Cilla Vee Life Arts. It was entitled “Mix + Match”. A simple formula wherein names are pulled out of the “hat” to be paired in improvised duos.  And then a second formula where all are free to dive / float in and out of the scene for an extended duration. I am sharing the Facebook link to this event because it tickles me that the venue decided to use this Teletubbies image!
Thanks to Roy Osengar and all at Zimmer, to Daniel Baranov for photographs and to all who came to participate.

at Zimmer, Tel Aviv, Israel - August. Photo: Daniel Baranov

Sesalac Butoh Retreat

Adam Koan is an instigator who is rocking the Butoh dance world at the moment.  Not as a diva front-and-center performer (although he’s not shabby in that department either) – but as a mover and shaker who manifests events. Sesalac Butoh Retreat is one such an event … approximately eighty international Butoh dancers gathered in this remote beauty spot at the Voice of Nature Eco Village – camping out in huts and tents.
Workshops and performances took place for two weeks in various sites around the Sesalac Caves and meadows.
I was one of the Butoh Guides and taught four Living Art workshop sessions as well as a site-specific, interactive performance installation at the children’s playground area “Playtime For Barbie”.
I was grateful to also have the opportunity to study with Butoh Masters such as Tebby WT Ramasike and Ken Mai.

"Playtime For Barbie" durational inter-active performance installation at Sesalac Butoh Retreat

Images below from my Living Art workshop sessions.

Cyprus, Israel, Serbia – Summer pix and vidz:


Wrapping up the year with some local South East regional events.

Home from Europe just in time to dive straight into a night of improvised sound and movement duos produced by A Eithne Hamilton of Pipsissewa Movement Project right here at Static Age in downtown Asheville. So happy to finally have an opportunity to collaborate with one of my local favs – guitarist Tashi Dorji.

Duo with Tashi Dorji at Static Age, Asheville - September. Photo: A Eithne Hamilton

Back to Circle Modern Dance in Knoxville TN, where I served as Co-Founding Director throughout the 1990s. A joy, as always, to work with the multi-talented Rachel Shlafer-Parton for the 29th annual Modern Dance, Primitive Light winter concert at the Laurel Theater.  We presented a series of “Golden Goddess” vignettes throughout the show.

Golden Goddess at Modern Dance Primitive Light, Knoxville TN - December. Photo: Brynn Yaeger 

Golden Goddess at Modern Dance, Primitive Light 2019:

And to round off the year, a fun, playful collaboration with father and son SI Reasoning and ‘U’u for the closing reception of the surrealist show Polymorph Bodyshop at EVA (East Village Arts) in Birmingham AL. Other Birmingham celebrities were involved … LaDonna Smith, Hunter Bell, Susan Hefner (with Michael Evans) It was the first time I was able to get down to Birmingham since the local experimental music legend Davey Williams passed away – and it felt good to re-connect with the community there.

Surrealist performance at East Village Arts, Birmingham AL - December 

Video – (Cilla Vee, SI, ‘U’u. Reading from a Surrealist Women anthology)

So that concludes our creative happenings report from 2019.

Additional Cilla Vee Life Arts announcements:

We have a fabulous new Administration Assistant – Chloe Harnett-Hargrove.
Chloe was a student of mine for a number of years and began to get roped into various CVLA events as a volunteer as well as a performer. She is an intriguing graphic artist, designer and writer. Welcome aboard Chloe and thank you!

CVLA Admin. Chloe Harnett-Hargrove

Please check out our fundraising blog for current campaigns:

We appreciate your time and attention in reading this letter and hope it has provided an enjoyable diversion.

Please feel free to connect with us – you can send an email to Cilla Vee Life Arts at:

All our best wishes,

Claire Elizabeth Barratt
Director – Cilla Vee Life Arts

CVLA Director Claire Elizabeth Barratt